5 Quick Tips to Help You Write Better Titles for Your Blog

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The title you choose for your blog post is incredibly important. It is the first thing, and may be the only thing that your audience will read. This article hopes to address that issue.

A good title is not only an introduction to your post, a good title should draw your reader in and get them reading the first few lines of your post.

There is a lot to writing a good title, but here are 5 quick tips you can implement straight away to improve your headlines right off the bat.

Communicate the Benefits

Communicating the benefits of your article is the first and foremost consideration you should have when writing a title in my book. Whilst communicating the benefits of an article won’t get EVERYONE to click on it, people with the specific need illustrated by the title will click it almost every time, and those are the people you want reading it right?

Brevity, Brevity, Brevity

When it comes to blogging, brevity really is king. Don’t overcomplicate and keep things short and sweet. This applies to titles as well, make it snappy and direct to ensure the desired message is communicated effectively. Attention spans are short online, people suffer from information overload, brevity is what will get you the attention you deserve.

Take Insight From the Professionals

You are surrounded by a wealth of titles written by professionals who have been writing headlines for years. Next time you pick up a paper, why not glance through and see what works for them? Is there a title formula in there that you can copy and put into context on your own blog?

Use of Language

The language you choose to use in your title is a huge factor in how effective your title will be. Use of emotive words and words like quick, easy and free always go down well. Choosing the right language to use in your posts title is of paramount importance and it is not something that you should rush. I would like to briefly point out somewhere where the use of some words can be counter productive. In the subject line of an e-mail using words like free can trigger spam filters so you must be careful, as these words are often used by spammers to encourage clicks too.


Keywords are an important consideration when it comes to SEO. Blog articles can rank really well and your post title goes a long way towards dictating what keywords it should rank for. When performing keyword research for your blog posts make sure to pick keywords that your target audience will search for to find you, not just the most popular ones.

It isn’t just search engines that look for keywords either, people scan through post titles looking for keywords they are interested in (for example Google, Microsoft or SEO). Pick some good keywords and you are well on your way to creating an effective title.

I hope this article gives you some actionable insights you can put into place on your own blog, and that the hits coming to your articles increase as a result of reading it.