Bespoke Websites Designed Around Your Brand

What's Included

At Sensible Internet we pride ourselves on giving as much value as possible, and making sure the websites we produce are of the highest standards. Unless you request otherwise, all our websites have the following features:

Responsive Mobile First Design, Working Across Different Screen Sizes

It's incredibly important in this day and age for websites to be responsive. According to an Office of National Statistics 2015 report 74% of adults had used the internet “on the go” using a mobile phone, portable computer or handheld device. On top of this, a website properly optimised for mobile helps your website rank in Google for mobile searches.

Search Engine Friendly, Helping You Get Found

A search engine friendly website helps search engines understand your website, which can help you rank better locally and for the queries relevant to your business. Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, and your business should be getting it's share of that.

Fast Loading, So You Don't Keep Visitors Waiting

Fast page load speed means your visitors are not waiting for the page to load. In the fast paced world of the web, low page load speeds can cause people to abandon your website, especially on mobile devices. At the very best it will cause frustration. On top of this, search engines look for sites with good user experience, so having a good page load speed could help you rank higher too.

Secure, To Avoid Any Nasty Surprises

Security is an often overlooked but highly important consideration when it comes to your website. The last thing you want is for someone malicious to comprimise it. This could reflect very badly on your business, and fixing the problem could incur significant cost. Our websites are built to be robust and secure.

Built In A Leading CMS, So You Can Easily Add And Edit Content

Most of our Bespoke projects are built in a leading CMS. We specialise in both Wordpress and Drupal and can recommend the best option depending on the project. For very large projects expecting incredibly high traffic we can also build highly efficient sites from the ground up. For this our goto stack is Flask (Python) with Nginx and a NoSQL or SQL backend dependent on the project.

And more importantly, they are designed to turn visitors into customers and provide real value to your business. Our designs are pretty, but we focus on what matters.

Achieving Business Goals!

Our Methodology

At Sensible Internet, we favour a lean and agile development methodology. We can adapt and use different methodologies depending on your needs, but we usually work using a lean methodology because most of the time this ensures a better end product at less cost.

The build measure learn cycle (pictured above) is used to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We then continually iterate, improving the product based on data received.

Marketing Aware Design

Whilst most digital agencies can produce aesthetically pleasing sites, many web design teams do not have the marketing knowledge available to them to allow them to produce websites that convert visitors into customers. Even digital agencies that provide marketing services can fall short here, because their web design teams aren't always trained in building websites that convert.

Sensible Internet's web design teams aren't just taught to focus on conversion, our entire web design philosophy is shaped around this. We believe in achieving real and tangible results for our clients. The number one way we can achieve results when building websites for clients is focusing on conversion from the get go.

Websites Designed to Suit Your Business

When we say bespoke, we really do mean bespoke! Here at Sensible Internet we adapt to suit the needs of your business. From specific branding requirements to adapting our development processes, Sensible Internet will always go the extra mile to provide a tailored service to our clients.

We provide a development service that is truly tailored to your business, and that is designed around supporting your businesses goals.

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