Hosting your website may seem like a small consideration, but there are actually a lot of things to think about and a lot of things that can go wrong.

  1. You Need a Reliable Solution

    Those browsing the web are renowned for having short attention spans. We are bombarded with so much information it's really important to make an impression. How can you make a lasting impression if your website is not even available?

    Sensible Internet provide a reliable hosting service with a 99% uptime guarantee. We know it's important to be present online, and how hard it is to fight for attention.

  2. You Need a Secure and Robust Solution

    There's no point in investing significant time and resources in your website to find it gets hacked and all the data is lost, and you certainly don't want to find there has been a security breach and all your clients' data has been stolen!

    Sensible Internet pride themselves in providing a secure system that keeps hackers at bay. We also take regular backups to ensure the safety of your data in case of emergency.

  3. You Need a Fast and Scalable Solution

    Page Load Speed is a lot more important than many people realise. A slow load speed could be the difference between customers staying on your site and leaving. Google recognizes page load speed as such an important consideration for user experience, fast loading pages actually help you rank better too.

    As your site grows we can scale your solution easily. Even if you are on our shared hosting system, scaling your solution is as easy as giving us a call. Most shared hosting providers either don't provide adequate solutions for high traffic sites, or they require you to do all the technical stuff yourself. At Sensible Internet we take care of everything, and there are no nasty surprises.

Why Choose Us?

Sensible Internet have the skills, expertise and flexibility necessary to provide the Hosting solution that's right for your business. We offer an unparalleled shared hosting service for our smaller clients and a fully managed service for our larger ones. With our fully managed service we use the best solutions available to us for the website or application in question.


A lower priced solution for low traffic sites


Server management & consultancy for higher traffic sites or sites with special requirements

Managed Service