Traditionally in marketing, the only way to know how well a campaign was performing was to ask our customers how they found out about us. But digital marketing has changed all that. The use of analytics means we can find out a wealth of information about visitors to a website like where they came from, where they landed and what they did when they got to the website. This makes analytics one of the most important and underestimated disciplines in internet marketing. To ignore analytics is to neglect a vital tool for your online marketing strategy.

Web Analytics

As analytics specialists, Sensible Internet can provide you with regular customised reports based around agreed key performance indicators. We can then inform you of any problems we foresee regarding the performance of your website, and any actions we recommend you take.

Social Analytics

Yes, analytics is an important part of social media strategies too! Many businesses invest large amounts of time and money into social media marketing, but have little idea of how it is performing. As with web analytics, Sensible Internet can monitor and manage your social media analytics as well, producing customised reports and making recommendations, once again based around key performance indicators agreed between us beforehand.

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